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How to succeed with your Agile BI project

Learn the steps that will help you to quickly deliver value with Agile Business Intelligence, and set up your project team for success.

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“I hear that Agile is chaos and no plan, how can that help me?"

If you haven’t said this yourself, chances are that your boss or your colleagues will have said it. It’s a common misconception that Agile is the same as bad or even no planning. In this book, we review the disciplined approach to Agile development and how it applies specifically to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.

We share the story of projects, how we approached the planning and execution, and the practices that you need to have in place to ensure your project not only succeeds, but also starts delivering value in the very early stages. To make sure you gain the trust of your stakeholders!

“Sure, Agile may work, but my projects are so complex and with so many dependencies, that Agile can’t scale to that level of complexity!"

This is a very common objection we hear, and it is quite right. The simplistic methods that many Agile practitioners want to apply won’t work for high complexity projects, or even multi-project environments that are common in BI projects.

That’s why we developed our own approach to tackle different levels of complexity, and adapt our method to the context of each BI project. In this book we review projects that are front-end heavy, with little else, but we also share our approach to multi-project contexts, where Agile BI needs to co-exist with other (already ongoing) Waterfall projects. 

The core of Agile is adaptability, and how to adopt Agile needs to accommodate the context of your project.

"But, how do I get my manager to accept the use of Agile in my BI project?”

Gaining the trust of the stakeholders must be at the top of our list. That’s why we go into detail on how to start delivering value in your project quickly. Quick value delivery generates valuable feedback, gets users involved, and gains the trust of management. 

By the end of this book you will be asking “how could we even think of running BI projects in any other way?” 

The advantages of the approach and method we describe in this book are so big, that by the end of the book Agile BI will become the default approach for you, and we will give you the step-by-step journey to move away from Waterfall and start ripping the business benefits of Agile BI!

There are things you can start doing today, that will quickly help get your BI project back on track, and help your business thrive. 

Meet The Authors

Raphael Branger


Are you struggling to finish that project that grew and grew, and now seems to be taking on a life on its own? You are not the only one. I was there, I struggled. I went through countless BI nightmares. 

The good news, however, is that I survived to tell the stories! And boy, do we have some stories to tell you. 

In this book we share many of the stories we went through, extract some practices, and give you advice on when to use, and how to use those practices. 

Consider this a crash course on Agile BI, from wanting to get started, to being confident in one book! That’s our goal. Join us on this journey!

Severin Leuenberger


If you are here, chances are you want to improve the chances for success of your BI project. That’s great! This is the right place to be! 

I’ve worked with BI projects for more than a decade, and have collected many patterns and experiences that went into this book. 

From turning around Waterfall projects, to ensuring our projects deliver value from day 1, the methods we share in this book will help you apply the promise of Agile to your BI projects: adapt, accept changes, focus on value delivery for your customers and your business. 

Join me and Raphael on this journey, and move your projects to the fast track! 

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